O.Boogie 101

It has been an ongoing quest to bring a dance party to Ocean Beach. For a decade we have been trying to get something weekly in O.B.. The prevailing attitude was that DJ’s were unnecessary, since the jukebox was where most dive bars delivered their music. Live music venues failed to see the value in a DJ, with Jam Bands being the norm, and usually offered a beer tab for services rendered.

If one wanted to go dance, it was stay and sway with the hippies, or travel across the river towards Pacific Beach. Most dance parties in Ocean Beach were confined to houses. We would string up a sound system and get it on till either the Police came, or the occupants felt it was out of control. We were convinced, after rocking party after party, that Ocean Beach needed a weekly dance party.

Beginning in 2010, we were approached by Marty from Nick’s at the Pier. We started Bi-Weekly for a couple of months before Summer with “Ocean Boogie”. The idea was to bring the vibes of a jumping House Party to a legitimate venue, and Marty was envisioning the same thing. It was the perfect combination for Ocean Beach: Nick’s, seedleSs, & Tribe Of Kings.


Some good things come to an end, and good endings create good beginnings!

We moved The Boogie from Nick’s, to Gallagher’s Pub on Newport. We had a crazy run of Boogie’s in there thanks to our brother Mike Hageman. Everything from Halloween parties, to straight up sweaty dance parties. We also made an addition to The Boogie Brothers line-up, in the form of up and coming local OB DJ GREEN T. Since then, Green T has been swooping up gigs all over OB, and bringing the good vibes!

The momentum kept building, and so did the opportunities!

When we were approached by Ted Wigler from Winstons about having The Boogie at his legendary venue, we couldn’t say anything but “LET’S DO IT!!!” The transition was seamless, and Ocean Boogie is bigger and better than ever!


Come see why Ocean Boogie is Ocean Beach’s FAVORITE dance party!!

The Boogie Brothers
—-Unite, Peril Green T & Tone


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